Another Edition of Way too Early Rankings


The Boiling Point: NBC Sports has come out with their version of way too early men’s basketball rankings

It looks as though it is the time of year for the numerous way too early college basketball rankings. Not a huge surprise since it is the day after the deadline to withdraw your name from the draft. Now every team knows what players they are getting back and a general idea of what their team will look like next year. Mike Miller, of NBC Sports, ranked Purdue at 19 in his rankings. One thing I like, is that he actually puts they are early projections unlike other writers who are fairly confident they are 100% right on how good teams will be next season. Seems like Miller is doing this as a kind of “have to do it because everyone else is” thing. Below is his synopsis of the Boilers.

"Johnson and Moore are gone, but the Boilermakers have three key pieces returning: Hummel – who sat out the entire 2010-11 season – Jackson and coach Matt Painter. Painter, who spurned Missouri’s efforts to lure him away from West Lafayette, may be the most crucial piece, too. Few coaches get more out of their teams."

You can see his key returnees and losses in the link. Preview of it: has Patrick Bade as a key returnee. Umm…yeah, about that…