JaJuan Johnson Talks Draft


The Boiling Point: HoopsHype.com conducted an interview with JaJuan Johnson

JaJuan Johnson Thinking of All the Money He’ll Soon Have

Former Boiler basketball player (can you really believe we can say that?) JaJuan Johnson is currently in Chicago working out for the NBA. HoopsHype.com caught up with Johnson to see how it is going.

Some highlights:

On why he came back to school:

"I think the biggest reason was that they were saying I was going late first-round to second, so it made sense to get an extra year at school, get a degree and help my draft stock, which I think I did."

On experience with U.S. team this past summer:

"It was great. It is something that I will always remember. I think my first three years in college really helped me from a experience standpoint to play against guys like Kevin Durant or Derrick Rose there. It was a great experience."

On not getting as much attention as some other players:

"Oh, at the end of the day I still got named to the All-America 1st Team, I was named Big Ten Player of the Year, Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year… I got enough attention and I think just with the workouts I will get even more."

Johnson has been projected as a last first round pick, but with good workouts for teams and at NBA camps, he could potentially move up to the lottery. The NBA Draft takes place June 23, 2011 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Can’t think of a better place to introduce rookies to the NBA….