Mackey Seat Allocation Starts Monday


The Boiling Point: John Purdue Club members start choosing their seats on Monday

Artist Rendering of Completed Renovation from Northwestern Avenue

The controversial re-seating of Mackey Arena is coming to a head Monday. This is when John Purdue Club members who hold men’s basketball, women’s basketball, or both basketball season tickets start choosing their seats. The 8,500 JPC members who hold season tickets to those sports received emails and post cards with their date and time to choose. JPC members with the most priority points choose first. The last day of the process is June 30th.

"“It’s so fast and easy if they can get online and do it,” Associate athletic director of marketing, Barb Kapp said. “So, far, it has been a lot of work. Until they received an email, a lot of people didn’t know this was happening.”"

Can say so little and see so many potential problems just from that quote. What does it say that people didn’t know about the re-seating until they got an email; great communication there. Also, what of the JPC members who got a time that doesn’t work for them? I’ve seen multiple people say they can’t pick because of work or on vacation.It will be interesting to see reactions of JPC members who had lower bowl seats the past years and where they end up next season.

Purdue men’s basketball student section, the Paint Crew, will be divided into two sections this upcoming season. Next season, the section where there will eventually be an unnecessary tunnel will be for construction workers and people involved in the Mackey Renovation. We’ll see how that goes with them in the middle of the Paint Crew.