Bill Belichick Talks Purdue DE’s


The Boiling Point: Bill Belichick talks about Purdue defensive ends.

In an interview with (The Boston Globe), Bill Belichick talked about Purdue’s defensive end tradition, also known as the Den of Defensive Ends. Ryan Kerrigan looks to be the next in line for this tradition. He is projected to go mid to late first round, with the Patriots a team he could be drafted by. Below is what Belichick had to say:

"When I found out Ryan Kerrigan was a really good high school basketball player, that intrigued me that he could make that kind of conversion…Well you know Purdue doesn’t drop him a lot into coverage but they do it some and you can definitely see it. They’ve had a really good history with those outside rushers with Ray Edwards and Rosevelt Colvin. Of course we had Colvin and now (Rob) Ninkovich and Kerrigan coming out. So it’s been a very good, productive position for Purdue and they’ve had them every year it seems like and certainly Kerrigan looks like he’s another one that’s going to be part of that legacy. It’s an interesting position and one that that’s school has had a lot of success with."