The Boiling Point: 2012 basketball commit Jay..."/> The Boiling Point: 2012 basketball commit Jay..."/>

Jay Simpson Highlight Video


The Boiling Point: 2012 basketball commit Jay Simpson highlights

Below you will find a video of 2012 Purdue basketball commit Jay Simpson. Simpson is a post player who can step out and hit jump shots. You’ll see in the video he hits a couple 3’s. This video is from his high school year, but from reading tweets by recruiting services at his AAU tourneys, he has been dominant. He has been battling asthma so maybe he has grown out of it which some people do in their teenage years. There has been talk of a lack of motivation but I would assume Painter will squash that pretty quickly.

Purdue’s 3rd 2012 recruit, Kyle Molock, doesn’t have any recent videos. He has been out this past season with a torn ACL. The tall PG is expected to be fully playing again mid to late summer. Since he has been hurt, he is kind of a recruit a lot of people have forgotten about, but before he got hurt he was one of the better players in the state of Ohio. I’m sure when he’s back he will be motivated to get back to that level.