Word Is Purdue Pete Is Prototype


The Boiling Point: Turns out, the debut of Purdue Pete this past week might not be the final product fans continue to see.

After the very unappealing debut of Purdue Pete’s makeover late last week, including his first public appearance at the annual football spring game, Purdue officials are saying the version was just a prototype.

According to a Lafayette TV station, spirit squad coordinator Steve Solberg said many in the Purdue athletic department had the same negative reaction as most fans.

"“A lot of the things people were saying when we first saw the costume here, we agreed with. The first one was a prototype. Each additional one, we can have any change made to it,” Solberg said."

The plan was to purchase multiple costumes to begin with after officials decided to change the costume because it scared children. Fans are encouraged to visit the athletic department’s Facebook page to provide feedback.

The first costume cost about $8,000 with each additional one costing fewer than $5,000. In the past, a new Purdue Pete head would have to be purchased annually for $2,600. The full-body costume also allows anyone (male or female, white or black) to be the mascot.