125+ Former Players Expected At Spring Game


The Boiling Point: Purdue expects somewhere between 125-130 former players to be in attendance for Saturday’s spring football “game.”

One of Danny Hope’s main focuses so far at Purdue, at least off the field, has been to get former players to come back more often in order to help build his sense of “family” for the team. As part of that, every year more and more former players have returned for the spring game. This season at least 125 former players are expected back, including Kyle Orton, Billy Dicken, Stu Schweigert, Rosevelt Colvin and Bob Griese. I will say, one big, currently unemployed quarterback’s name is missing, and I’m not talking about Brandon Hance.

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"1 Edward Chrobot 1944 Guard, Linebacker2 Dale Samuels 1950-1952 Quarterback3 Thomas Scanlan 1952-1954 Center4 Lawr. Wheeler 1955 & 1957 Tackle5 John Knote 1955-1956 Manager6 Bill Spillane 1955-1957 Guard/Linebacker7 Harvey Hostetler 1956-1958 Guard8 Tom Spurgeon 1956-1959 Sr. Manager9 Dennis Wierzal 1958-1962 Quarterback10 Donn Griffith 1959-1960 Lineman11 James Shelby 1959-1962 Manager12 John Stafford 1960-1962 Guard-Linebacker13 Frank Zaremba 1960-1962 Guard14 Jerry Clinnin 1960-1964 Grad Assistant/Coach15 Tom Osterhoff 1962-1965 Senior Manager16 Griese Bob 1964-1966 Quarterback17 Jim Mewha 1964-1966 Strong Safety18 Jim Beirne 1964-1967 Wide Receiver19 Bob Baltzell 1965-1967 Running Back20 Jim Bonk 1965-1967 Offensive Line21 Dennis Cirbes 1965-1967 Defensive Back22 Dave Piper 1965-1967 Offensive Line23 Bill Stover 1965-1967 Quarterback24 Bob Dillingham1966-1968 End25 Leon Troyer 1966-1968 Full back/Linebacker26 Leroy Keyes 1966-1969 Running Back27 Don Schneck 1966-1969 Linebacker, Manager28 Walt Whitehead 1966-1969 Center29 Donald Kiepert 1967-1969 Quarterback30 Alan Kraft 1967-1969 Manager31 Bill McKoy 1967-1970 End32 Tim Blakley 1968-1970 Manager33 John Bullock 1968-1970 Full Back34 Richard Mahurt 1968-1970 Running Back35 Norm Roelke 1968-1970 Linebacker36 Tom Luken 1968-1971 Offensive Line37 Ashley Bell 1968-1972 TightEnd38 Michael Williams 1969-1971 Guard/Linebacker39 Rich Ostriker 1969-1972 Offensive Guard40 Fred Snapp 1969-1972 Defensive Tackle41 Gregg Bingham 1970-1972 Middle Guard42 Gary Hrivnak 1970-1972 Defensive End43 Tim Maloney 1970-1973 Linebacker44 Joe Tenkman 1972-1973 Defensive End45 Ken Jimerson 1975-1976 Defensive Back46 Ricky Moss 1975-1979 Defensive Back47 Mark Osman 1976-1978 Linebacker 48 Mark Jackson 1976-1980 Offensive Tackle49 Peter Quinn 1976-1980 Center50 Mark Herrmann 1977-1980 Quarterback51 Tom Kingsbury 1977-1980 OLB & DE52 David Rastovski 1978-1979 Tight End53 Joe Battaglia 1978-1980 Offensive Guard54 Jim Meyer 1978-1981 Full Back55 Jim Fritzsche 1978-1982 Offensive Tackle56 Greg Hayes 1979-1980 Punter57 Mark Carney 1979-1981 Guard58 Butch Alder 1979-1983 Center59 Lloyd Bridges 1980-1983 Defensive End60 Chris Scott 1980-1983 Defensive Tackle61 Wes Nicholson 1981-83,87-89 Manager62 Michael Berghoff 1981-1985 Linebacker63 Mark Drenth 1982-1985 Offensive Guard/Tackle64 Dwayne Greer 1982-1985 Defensive End65 Mitch Tracer 1983 Manager66 Ed Clark 1983-1985 Running Back 167 Kevin Holley 1983-1986 Nose Guard68 Tom Darby 1986-1988 Wide Receiver69 Donzell Leggett 1986-1989 Defensive End70 Matthew McClellan 1987-1988 Receiver71 Ron Rygiel 1987-1988 Defensive Tackle72 Mike Bereda 1987-1990 Quarterback73 Doug Vanderwielen 1988 Quarterback74 Ron Ewing 1988-1990 Linebacker75 Craig Davisson 1988-1991 Linebacker76 Mike Gallagher 1989-1992 Manager77 Justin Goodwin 1989-1992 Defensive Back78 Scott Hoffman 1989-1992 Quarterback79 Elvin Caldwell 1989-1994 Offensive Guard80 Jarrod Walker 1991-1993 Defensive Line81 Brian Goehl 1991-1994 Quarterback82 Eric Gray 1991-1994 Defensive Line83 James Maciag 1991-1995 Linebacker84 Ben Metzger 1991-1995 Defensive Tackle85 Ikee Dozier 1992-1993 Safety, Linebacker86 Mike Alstott 1992-1995 Fullback87 Chris Koeppen 1992-1995 Linebacker88 Kevin Sellers 1992-1996 Running Back89 Craig Williams 1992-1996 Defensive End90 Joe DiBella 1993-1996 Full Back91 Scott Dobbins 1993-1996 Linebacker/Fullback92 Billy Dicken 1993-1997 Quarterback93 Jason Hahn 1993-1997 Manager94 Leo Perez 1993-1997 Defensive Tackle95 Greg Smith 1993-1997 Defensive Tackle96 Ted Koeppen 1994-1995 Manager97 Daniel Spillman 1994-1999 Manager98 RoseveltColvin 1995-1998 Defensive End99 Jim Niedrach 1995-1999 Center100 Brent Botts 1996-2000 Defensive Tackle101 Ike Moore 1996-2000 Defensive End102 Chukky Okobi 1996-2000 Offensive Line103 Mike Rose 1996-2000 Linebacker104 Henry Bell 1997-1998 Defensive Back105 Gabe Cox 1997-1998 Wide Receiver106 Bryan Jacquay 1997-2000 Defensive Back107 Vinny Sutherland1997-2000 Wide Receiver108 Randall Lane 1998-1999 Wide Receiver109 David Edgerton 1998-2000 Quarterback110 Carl Buergler 1998-2001 Quarterback111 Keith Madderom 1998-2001 Manager112 Alex Tone 1998-2001 RB/LB113 Kelly Kitchel 1998-2002 Offensive Line114 Pete Lougheed 1998-2002 Offensive Line115 Aaron Scholl 1998-2002 QB Manager116 Joe Odom 1999-2002 Linebacker117 Will Bach 2000-2004 Offensive Guard118 Jon Goldsberry2000-2005 FB/LB119 Stu Schweigert2001-2003 Safety120 Kyle Orton 2001-2004 Quarterback121 Chase Lecklider 2002-2007 Wide Receiver122 John Lampert 2002-2006 Linebacker123 Dan Bick 2004-2008 Linebacker124 Curtis Painter 2004-2008 Quarterback125 Jared Zwilling 2005-2008 Center126 Adam Wolf 2006-2008 Safety/WR127 Jason Mizen 2006-2008 Manager128 Chris Bennett 2006-2010 Quarterback"