Kerrigan Accepts Draft Invite


The Boiling Point: Former Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan has accepted an invite to the NFL Draft

Former DE Ryan Kerrigan told Sirius NFL Radio that he has accepted an invite to the 2011 NFL Draft. There has been a ton of talk lately on whether rookies would go to the draft or not with the labor issues going on. Personally, I don’t see how you can pass on a once in a lifetime moment. Get involved with the labor stuff after the draft if you want to. The more that teams are looking at Kerrigan the higher he has risen on draft boards. He has been projected to anywhere from 14th to 28th.

Kerrigan was a unanimous All-American this past season. Teams are looking for him to play LB in a 3-4 system or DE in a 4-3 system. His versatility to be able to play both is only helping him out. Watch Kerrigan walk across the stage to shake Roger Goodell’s hand on Thursday, April 28th.