Purdue Releases Statement Reaffirming Support


The Boiling Point: Several news sources are reporting Purdue released a statement this morning reaffirming its commitment to Matt Painter.

We asked for something out of Purdue, and today it finally came. Assistant athletics director Tom Schott reportedly said this morning:

"“Just want to reiterate that Matt Painter is our men’s basketball coach and we want him to continue his leadership of the program. Last night, the Board of Trustees, President (France) Cordova and Morgan Burke clearly demonstrated Purdue University’s commitment to him and our men’s basketball program. We were proactive and though we will not go into details at this time, we have encouraged Matt to stay through our words and action."

"“We want Matt to remain a Boilermaker.”"

The Journal and Courier had a longer statement, which included the above along with:

"“An effort is being made that we are committed to keeping Matt. We hope what was demonstrated last night – while not an ending point – was enough of a starting point that he will understand our desire to keep him as men’s basketball coach.”"

"“Like after any bitter defeat or thrilling victory, you hear from people,” Schott said. “There’s emails and questioning of what we are doing. We’re reporting what we have done.”"

I don’t know what to make of this statement. It’s vague enough that it could be a “hey, we tried..” type of statement, but at the same time I find it rather hopeful and think it’s Purdue’s way of saying they’re not going to let Painter get away and go to Missouri.

Regardless, I’m sure that’s just the tip of what’s about to come today. Painter is scheduled to meet with a Missouri delegation this morning in Florida.