Twitter Account Pokes Fun Of Purdue’s Cheapness


The Boiling Point: Fans finding ways to tolerate the suspense of Matt Painter’s future at Purdue.

If you haven’t seen @FakeMorganBurke, go now. Amidst rampant speculation that Purdue men’s basketball coach Matt Painter might fill the opening at Missouri because of a large pay raise, Purdue fans have tried coming up with ways to tolerate the suspense. Some are calling the athletic department to make pleas, others are sending letters.

But by far the funniest so far are the tweets from @FakeMorganBurke, which highlight how frugal Purdue’s athletic department is behind athletic director Morgan Burke. It’s well known that Purdue hasn’t compensated coaches well in the past and Painter ranks eighth in the conference in terms of pay. Assistant coach pay is also an issue.

Here are a couple other highlights from the Twitter account.

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