Podcast: Mark Montieth Interview Part 1

facebooktwitterreddit’s Leroy Bridges recently turned the table on Mark Montieth, author of Passion Play: A Season With the Purdue Boilermakers and Coach Gene Keady. Bridges took over as host and Montieth, whose “One on One” program airs weekly on ESPN 1070AM, took a turn answering questions for the most recent podcast from

Montieth talked at length about his most recent endeavor: For the past season, he had unprecedented access to the Purdue basketball team, including sitting on the team bench during games, attending coaches meetings and practices and traveling with the team. In Part 1 of the interview, he discusses the project he undertook and the access he got, his true observations about coach Matt Painter – like if he expects Painter to be a Boilermaker for long – and much more.

Click here for part 2, where he discusses Kelsey Barlow’s situation with Purdue among other topics, will be available later this week.

Download this audio here.