Painter To Missouri Rumors Floating


The Boiling Point: Missouri has a job opening in its basketball program. Matt Painter has a job, but some St. Louis media people are reporting he may be interested in moving West.

It’s probably not likely and it doesn’t make any sense, but it’s out there, so I’ll post it: Matt Painter may be interested in the Missouri job opening, according to reports out of St. Louis:

"Could there be a “surprise” coach, someone that we may believe is secure in his current position? That’s always an intriguing aspect to this. You never know if there’s a coach or two or three that is quietly looking to make a move, even if no one thinks he’s looking to make a move. I can’t toss in any names. But this is a business. And there are some successful, underpaid D1 coaches who probably have taken note of what Mizzou was willing to offer Anderson. You never know. (Pssst…. Matt Painter.)"

Another report from St. Louis came from a host on a local sports talk show, apparently:

Now, I know as Purdue fans everybody feels the need to believe the worst (not without reason lately), but I just don’t see Painter taking this job. To start, its a lateral move, at best. He’d basically be starting all over in a state he doesn’t have himself established in. Also, I don’t think he’d abandon Robbie Hummel like that after all the dude has been through.

Let’s not forget, by the way, Mike Anderson left Missouri because they wouldn’t throw enough money at him. What makes you think they’d suddenly have enough money to purchase Matt Painter?

Here’s why Purdue fans shouldn’t worry about the whispers.