Slight Update On Bradley Job


The Boiling Point: A slight update on the candidates for the Bradley job that many believe Paul Lusk is competing for.

ESPN’s college basketball rumors page has a slight update on the Bradley coaching job that many assume Purdue associate head coach Paul Lusk will be a major contender for. has a huge list of candidates for the job, but some of the major players seem to be IPFW’s Dane Fife, the youngest Division 1 head coach and former Indiana basketball player. He was reportedly interviewed Thursday.

Pat Knight, son of Bobby and recently ousted Texas Tech coach, is one recently being thrown around as a potential hire. Nothing official like an interview has been reported, but it’s still something to look out for.

The most recent news is that Bradley interviewed Gonzaga assistant Ray Giacoletti. He’s basically in the same position as Lusk, just at Gonzaga. He’s also from the area, but has been on the West coast for a while. He’s got more experience than Fife, however, who is the only other person interviewed so far.

Just my opinion, but I see no way that Lusk doesn’t at least get an interview for this job. If he hasn’t already had one, I guarantee he is just waiting for Purdue’s season to end. He’s from the area and recruits the area. The only way I don’t see him getting an interview is if he says no to the offer… which would only happen if he’s playing a risky game and assuming the Southern Illinois job will be open after next season.