Hummel Making Progress


The Boiling Point: Injured Purdue forward Robbie Hummel is on schedule to return to full activity on July 1.

Injured Purdue forward Robbie Hummel is in good position with his recovery from his second ACL surgery in two years. On Saturday, Hummel said his latest visit with his surgeon in New York went well and he is returning to light basketball workouts, including shooting. Then starting in May he will raise the intensity of workouts with hopes of being cleared for 5-on-5 work on July 1.

This is the second straight season Hummel has had to sit and watch his team play in the NCAA Tournament, which hasn’t been an easy task, especially for a lifelong Bulls fan. Hummel has always wanted to play in the United Center, where the Boilers won on Friday and play on Sunday.

Here’s an audio clip from Hummel on Saturday.

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