Addressing The Ryne Smith Rumors


The Boiling Point: Several rumors are floating around about a potential Ryne Smith concussion and his availability for Friday.

(Update: 3:27 p.m.: Purdue guard John Hart has re-injured his surgically-repaired foot, but still no one, except for Kelsey Barlow, has been ruled out of Friday’s game. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, though.

(Update 3:16 p.m.: CBS’ Seth Davis has said via twitter that Purdue sports information director Cory Walton confirmed there was no fight between Barlow and Smith and that Smith is healthy and practiced today.)

OK, let me just start this post by saying that neither I nor Leroy have any information on this at all. We. Know. Nothing. That said, we have to address these rumors that are floating around that Ryne Smith has a concussion and will not play Friday against St. Peter’s.

From what I’ve gathered, nobody seems to be denying that he was hit in the head in practice a few days ago – not in a fight – and apparently got a concussion. His Facebook status, posted above, doesn’t exactly deny this. What is up for debate, however, is how this affects Friday’s game.

Gold and Black Illustrated is reporting Smith should be available Friday, while the Chicago Sun Times, among other sources, is reporting Smith is doubtful for the game.

What’s this mean? I have no idea. I’d tend to side with the source that is always covering Purdue and has inside sources, but who knows? The only certainty is at 3:45 Thursday Leroy will be at Purdue player interviews and will have audio for us to hear.