Indiana’s Coach To Be CBS Tournament Guest Analyst


The Boiling Point: Indiana coach Tom Crean will be in Atlanta this week to help CBS analyze the NCAA Tournament. 

When we last heard from Tom Crean (in an official manner, not when you step outside and hear that clapping in the distance) he attacked a reporter for asking what he’d be doing now that the season was over:

"Q. What are you going to be doing tomorrow and the next few days?COACH CREAN: Oh, I’ll be working. There’s no doubt about it.Q. Doing what, when you say working?COACH CREAN: What do you think I’ll be doing? It’s recruiting something. You’re constantly evaluating and measuring your team and seeing those types of things. But as much as I’d like to be at home for a couple days with my family, it’s much more important that we’re recruiting, and I will be. Did you think I was going to run off to California for a couple days and go golf? We don’t need any players that golf."

Well, it turns out that by “recruiting” he meant putting on makeup, heading to Atlanta and going on CBS to talk about a tournament he hasn’t been in since he was with Marquette in 2007-08 (lost in the second round). Yes, the same NCAA Tournament where he’s made just one Sweet 16 in 12 years as a head coach.

CBS announced today:

"Indiana coach Tom Crean has joined CBS Sports and Turner Sports to serve as a guest studio analyst for the NCAA Tournament telecasts.Crean will join host Matt Winer and analysts Seth Davis and Steve Smith in Turner’s Atlanta studio, working the first-round games on truTV on Wednesday and second-round games on Thursday and Friday on CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV."

Well, this should be interesting. I’m sure he could make the argument that the visibility this gives him helps with recruiting, but whatever. I just hope CBS’ audio guys are prepared to constantly adjust his mic volume when he starts clapping.