BTT: OSU, Refs Beat Northwestern In OT


The Boiling Point: Jared Sullinger scored 16 points on two field goals to lead Ohio State over Northwestern in the second round of the Big Ten Tournament.

Big Ten poster child Jared Sullinger shot just 2-12 from the field but somehow still managed to score 20 points and grab 18 rebounds. Sorry, did I say “somehow”? I meant, with the help of Mike Sanzere. Despite what the OSU parents/families sitting beside me thought, OSU got nearly every call and still only won 67-61 in overtime.

I didn’t go to the press conference, but I’m sure Thad Matta is in there talking about how the 23-16 foul count wasn’t good enough.

That said, my rant about the refs is over. Northwestern had plenty of chances to win the game and simply didn’t convert. They can complain about the refs too, but they also need to look at themselves. They did everything they could to avoid attacking Sullinger, despite his relative foul trouble. They AIRBALLED four fadeaways in the final minutes of regulation.

And then there was Mirkovic. Oh, Luka. He made his first basket of the game with NW down four and four minutes to go in OT. After cutting the lead to one, he committed a clear loose-ball foul on Sully, then slammed his mouthguard to the ground in frustration. That was personal foul four on the hold, and five on the technical.

I know people on Twitter were lighting up about how it was a cheap tech. call, but c’mon man! You’ve got to have more composure than that! You’re already not getting calls, why even give the ref a choice to decide whether or not to T you up?

Up next we have Michigan vs. Illinois. I still don’t know who I want to win, but I’m leaning toward Mich.