ESPN "Experts" Pick Conference Tourney Champs


The Boiling Points: ESPN’s 10 college basketball experts predicted the champion of this week’s conference tourneys. Ohio State received nine votes.’s 10 college basketball “experts” predicted the champions of this week’s college basketball conference tourneys. Ohio State was picked by nine of the experts to win the Big Ten, while Michigan received Pat Forde’s vote.

How much do you value these “expert” picks? I’m 99% sure only Bilas and O’Neil were in Mackey this year at all. If they haven’t watched top-10 Purdue play in person, who have they seen? I mean how much Big Ten basketball, outside of OSU, do you think most of these experts have seen? OK, now how much SEC basketball? Conference USA? I think they’re kind of stretching to go with the “expert” label.