The Boiling Points was founded in late November 2010 by Zach Langdon as a blog offering unique perspectives on Purdue sports, in addition to links to stories that would interest Purdue Sports fans. A few months later, Leroy Bridges and Scott Nielsen joined the staff at The Boiling Points, which is when the site truly took off. With the help of friends Joe Gerace and Marcus Oania, the site was redesigned for a sleaker, more professional look at this time as well.

The Boiling Points hit several highs since its start in 2010. We were the website that originally had the audio of Kelsey Barlow calling Indiana’s Jordan Hulls a “little kid.”¬†We also received several thousand daily views during the Matt Painter-to-Missouri sage, among other things.

In December 2011, the Boiling Points shut down after the lives of the three authors simply became too busy to regularly maintain a site. Instead of giving a half-hearted effort at keeping the blog alive, we shut it down when viewership was at its highest.

At the beginning of July 2012, the Boiling Points officially made a return with Zach and Scott back at the helm as part of the Fansided network of sports blogs.

Interested in contributing to TheBoilingPoints.com? We’re always interested in skilled writers who also happen to be huge Purdue fans, especially those interested in covering recruiting for the site. If you’d like to join our team, shoot us an email at [email protected] The worst we can say is “No thanks,” right?